Project management

Q- Advantage Methodology
Q-Advantage Methodology is used in all projects implemented by QAD. DSR is QAD’s  partner and sole distributor in Poland. The methodology provides a complete description of actions taken during the project activities. Its use in the projects foresees the need for the use of Baseline Indicators which measures of effectiveness undertaken actions in two aspects- the company and implementation project. Defragmented objectivities in the Definition Phase of the project on Baseline Indicators are an element of control in the Modelling Solution Phase and are used for evaluation of the project after its completion.

Q-Advantage  Methodology assumes the division of the implementation project onto 5 phases:

  • Phase 1:Project definition

Preparation and organization of the project (to set up teams, preparing schedules, documentations, etc.)

  • Phase 2: Modelling a Solution

Development and testing solutions (documented as a Basic Results of Implementation Work)

  • Phase3: Acceptance Tests

Testing and formal acceptance of the proposed solutions.  

  • Phase 4: Implementation of the transition plan.

Preparatory work to start the system in accordance to the agreed conception.

  • Phase 5: Post-implementation Assistance

Assist with the first end of month operation and evaluation of the project.  

Scrum Methodology (Agile)
Scrum Methodology is one of the rolling methodologies of project management, consistent with Agile manifesto. The aim of Scrum is an organisation of action, allowing us to solve complicated problems and building the Products (in particular the Productive System) with the highest possible value for the Client. Scrum process assumes the transformation of initially defined requirements, objectives, functionality gathered in backlog of the product onto the ready to use product implemented in so-called sprints.  The team, who produce a product defines what to design in each period. After the implementation of the established of design, development activities follows the approval of the sprint and preparation of package of tasks for next period. This provides a higher level of control leading to the expected results. The analysis is done as the work progresses, not at the end of the project.


Easy on Boarding Methodology
Easy on Boarding is a methodology created on the basis of Q-Advantage in order to achieve rapid and standardised implementations. It was created for the needs of mid-size companies, which depend on the rapid implementation of the package industry equipped with process maps containing the know-how necessary for efficient process management. It was parameterised  for the needs of selected sectors. The methodology enables us to deploy the system in 2-3 months, not in 10-12, as in traditional model, not to mention the costs of implementation, which are up to 60% lower.  At the beginning of the implementation the Client receives complete documentation of the preconfigured system and training, which are implemented individually on-line. Any doubts are clarified during the meeting with DSR consultants, which are already included in deployment.

Detailed information about introduced project methodology are presented by DSR consultants.    We invite you to contact us directly