Improving the decision-making processes (BI)

BI 4FACTORY: building a competitive advantage in the production area by enabling the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. The quality of strategic choices is prejudged by clear and reliable information. Previously companies have had a problem with searching, presentation and assessment. Precise analysis of manufacturing processes solves this problem by creating the basis for making the right decisions.

What is Qlik?

Qlik is a proven Business Intelligence application, allowing the building of a comprehensive BI system across the enterprise. It is an advanced tool for business analysis with particular emphasis on production processes. With Qlik, users have instant access to all data, related to the production process in the enterprise.

„The main advantage of the application is the easy of collection and presentation of data from a variety of database system and files (e.g.Excel). The very design of reports is easy and can be performed by trained professionals of a specific specialism (e.g. technologists). Thanks to the software we get automatically refreshed reports from the production line on the consumption of raw materials and the media.”

Dariusz Wierzbicki, IT Director at Farm Frites Poland

Qlik allows to:

  • Calculation of OEE factor.
  • Clear, visual presentation of production data.
  • Data acquisition from different sources within a single application.  
  • Discovering the links between data
  • Keeping secure collaboration between departments of company in real time.
  • Effective and clear analysis of the received data .
  • Search across all data- directly and indirectly.
  • Access, analysis and extraction of data from mobile device.

DSR QlikOEE in numbers:

  • Activation in 24 hours.
  • Results in 24 days
  • Return of investment (ROI) In 24 weeks.

What is important, Qlik can be used to create business complementary applications filling in functional gaps in the usage of ERP system.  

Why Qlik?

Typical BI solutions are able to answer questions which were previously though and have appropriate data model.  What about the questions that arise during the data analysis and the analysis of the visualization, and that have not been prepared? It this case, Qlick offers help. With an associative engine processing the data, the person reading it can find the answer to question after question, moving along the unique path of one’s own discoveries. Qlik allows people who do not have the technical skills of the free data mining, asking further questions as new information becomes available.  

Qlik in enterprise

Many companies also operate a lot of applications in various areas of its operation e.g. sales, logistic, financial-accounting and HR. Using Qlik, the data can be viewed in a convenient way, e.g. if we are interested in analysis of payroll costs on individual orders we no longer have to outsource to computer scientists or companies who care about systems. Most importantly, such analysis is not the only report that we can explore in one direction, from general to particular, where the lowest level lead us to the possibility of verifying the data. Qlik can show us this information in the manner described above, as well as allowing you to quickly ask another question. With just one click, we can analyse the same view from different point of view, e.g. products, individual employees, or departments. The only limitation is our creativity.

Why Qlik from DSR?

Experience in production

The application for data analysis is most frequently used in the areas of financial reporting and sales. DSR specialises of solutions for production and offers new benefits through its offer in the areas of: analysis of the field of production management, human resources management in manufacturing companies, or analysis of data collected directly from the machine.

How Qlik allow such action?

The patented core technology 

The heart of Qlik is a unique, patented engine that generates views of   information at the time of selection. In this situation, unforeseen user query does not require any prior data preparation, such as e.g. OLAP cubes. It is enough that all the necessary data required to respond to the user’s question can be found in the Qlik database. Associative engine indicates them as important and present to user on the screen. The engine converts the data at the time of selection, which guarantees the timeless of response.

Associative users interface

Unlike, traditional Business Intelligence system , Qlik allows to start analysing data anywhere and next to any other data range. Qlik engine automatically manage the relations in the data and presents the information to the user using three colours: green/white/grey.  User choice is highlighted in green, the relevant data (related) appears on white background and irrelevant data (unrelated) appears on grey background. This immediate feedback encourages users to ask more questions and continue the path of exploration and discovery. The colours suggest the right path, but do not restrict the possibility of analysis only to itself.

Cooperation and mobility

Qlik also allows making decision by many people, even if they are located in many different places. Users can communicate with each other on the subject of analysed data. They have the ability to add notes in the data, participate in interactive sessions sharing dashboards, setting up and transferring bookmarks to content in the cockpit, even if this content does not appear until several parameters are selected.  With Qlik, user can ask more questions and get answers themselves, or in corporation with each other in real time, regardless of where they are located and on what devices they are working.

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