ERP Audit

Opinions collected from customers, with whom we had an opportunity to work for the past few years shows a significant interest in the services in terms of improvements in implementation of ERP systems vendors such as QAD (MFG/PRO), Oracle (JDE), SAP, etc.

Analytical activities:

  • Actions to check compliance of implemented processes with real processes currently taking place in the enterprise,
  • Verification of assumptions and goals expected before the implementation of the information system with implemented,
  • Comparison of the process under implementation with the value of the processes not covered by the implementation
  • Measure the effectiveness  of obtaining data from the computer system (e.g. compared labour consumption to input source data).


The results of the above actions are suggestions for change. We can support you in there implementation, providing for you the following services:

  • Activities connected with launch of the new functionality in the computer system,
  • Change operations in a computer system
  • Analysis of new modules offered by suppliers and their value to the business  
  • Analysis of additional applications used to increase the efficiency of the ERP system.