Food & beverage industry

In this situation, a key element in the success of the company is the precise control of cost and providing access to clear and accurate information about implementation of business processes.

The development of companies in the food industry needs to focus on improving business processes. Support from companies supplying software should rely on streamlining processes and choosing the best solution tailored to the specific industry. DSR has the following solution dedicated to the food industry:

  • QAD Enterprise Applications ERP System  with advanced modules, allowing the user to maintain control over all key processes in the company
  • APS Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) used for planning and scheduling production
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) used to monitor: running production orders, staff efficiency, quality and work machines
  • RF Express barcoding and automated data collection solution

Given that in the food industry a primary fundamental is full control of financials flows at the level of entire organization and the speed of the processes, a prerequisite is total integration in all areas of the company and integrating their complex IT system. Modern managers cannot imagine working without advanced IT solutions, which will include the QAD Applications ERP system and other applications from DSR portfolio. DSR meets their expectations, fulfilling the mission of providing tools for manufacturing companies. This allows the company to pursue business processes at the highest level of efficiency. The food industry remains one of the top three verticals that are the focus of DSR ‘s business operations. Evidence of this is cooperation with a number of industry leaders, such as Twinings, Farm Frites, HFP or Foodcare.