Analysis of production efficiency

Integrated production planning tools supported by Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor)/FCS, provide business goals such as:

  • Increase the timeliness of delivery,
  • Shorter lead times,
  • Reduction of inventories and cash release
  • Reduction of the cost of retooling,
  • Increase reduction capacity,
  • Increase in sales,
  • Increase profitability

A good understanding of the business is the foundation. Simple questions are the most important: „What is the model of making money?” “What gets a competitive advantage?”. What are the goals of the Management/ Board ?”.Answers to this questions should be sought at the highest levels of management. Knowledge of the essence of the business allows to define requirements before production planning which allows to define the target. “What we want to have?””What resources are needed to have it?”  Then diagnose the level of maturity of the production planning, to see how the basic elements of planning correspond well with the business objective to achieve. What is the process of controlling, what horizons and period and group planning, what is the quality of basic data and what is the level of the tools used and their competencies? Based on this knowledge of the essence of the business and planning process the “Specifications Productivity Optimisations” understandable by both executives and suppliers of IT technologies is developed.  After receiving confirmation of a mutual understanding “Specification Productivity Optimization” can begin the implementation of the project, as developed specification allows the monitoring of the implementation of Preactor/FCS for the integration of the production planning with the objective indicated by Board.