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Integrated production management

Effective production management by DSR 4FACTORY

Nowadays, the companies which do not try to optimally apply modern technological advancements not only are inferior in competing against similar enterprises, but also they limit their development opportunities. Advanced production management system, optimising and integrating internal processes in the enterprise, allows for increasing efficiency and economy of the whole production operation and for improvement of opportunities for the company’s dynamic growth.

We propose an integrated production management system being a reliable support ion production costs decrease and production efficiency increase. Our solutions effectively support the use of the company’s resources, among others by the assessment of real usage of machinery and work time of the specialists. Moreover, they allow for the improvement of production processes providing actual image of the production key performance indicators. Our production management systems allow for fast analysis of the resources availability and better organization of labour as well as for efficient scheduling and production planning.

We offer IT solutions for improvement of the specific areas within the whole production process. They have been constructed with application of the most modern technologies, and designed as dedicated to simple operation. They were constructed with an idea of delivering tools for supporting the operation of manufacturing companies regardless their industry branch or their size. Thanks to thoroughly elaborated functionalities they can be adapted to the company’s needs and profile according to its individual requirements.

Solutions for production management support: DSR 4FACTORY

Production management systems, designed and implemented by us, constitute an ideal solution for each company operating in manufacturing sector. Since now, several hundred Polish and international companies have used our services and IT support. The popularity of modern solutions we offer not only results from the fact that they make production management more convenient and the output of the whole enterprise grows, but also it is relevantly crucial that, despite its advancement, our software programmes are user friendly and employees can quickly learn how to use them.

Production planning: APS 4FACTORY

We provide efficient support for advanced production planning and scheduling. We offer IT solutions with multitude of configuration options. SIEMENS Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) system flexibility allows for its adaptation to any type of manufacturing. The product can also be easily embedded into other IT systems due to the original solutions by DSR company.

Production recording: SFC 4FACTORY

We propose a simple method for production monitoring and analysis. SFC 4 FACTORY software is used for verification the output of labour force and machinery participating in the process. The system offers the options of production reporting, checking its key performance indicators, quality control, data analysis and, what is particularly convenient, automatic collection of machinery data.

Effective it support for maintenance: EAM 4FACTORY

EAM 4FACTORY is a software system dedicated to the maintenance department, enabling efficient management of company assets. EAM 4FACTORY is a module that extends the basic functionality of SFC 4FACTORY in the area of maintenance. It can also work as a separate mobile application.

Management support: ERP 4FACTORY

We propose a modern company management system. QAD is a complete set of tools for supporting manufacturing company management in any type of industry. The software contains modules allowing for convenient operation of all departments, and in particular: finance, sale, production, maintenance or logistics.

Product management: PLM 4FACTORY

We offer a solution for product life cycle management. PLM system provides the companies with the process supervision with respect to its efficiency and economic aspects. The software allows for process optimisation and maximisation of the life cycle value of product assortment from its concept through design to its servicing and utilisation.

Improvement of decision making processes: BI 4FACTORY

We help to create competitive advantage thanks to our modern Business Intelligence platform. Qlik and Microsoft Power BI applications allow for conducting advanced business analysis with particular consideration of the production process specification. We offer a tool for convenient visualisation and discovering the most crucial data facilitating easy data analysis and fast business decision making.

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DSR team has implemented several hundred projects of IT systems implementation in Polish and international manufacturing companies.