Effective AI Support for Production

AI 4FACTORY = Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

AI 4FACTORY is a solution for anyone who wants to produce more efficiently. Based on the experience of experts, it is an alternative to large investments. Allowing you to receive intelligent recommendations for change by processing collected data using Artificial Intelligence, now available also to manufacturing companies.

What is Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing?

AI 4FACTORY is an innovative set of tools for companies in the manufacturing sector that want to produce more efficiently. AI 4FACTORY is a solution based on intelligent recommendation of changes by processing collected data using Artificial Intelligence to optimize production processes.

The IT solutions embedded in AI 4FACTORY, use cognitive techniques and fully fit into the concept of Industry 5.0. They are the result of DSR’s multidimensional collaboration with more than 170 manufacturing companies, from a wide variety of industries, taking into account the numerous needs in terms of increasing productivity and thus maintaining a competitive advantage.

Improving production efficiency with Artificial Intelligence technology

AI 4FACTORY is a family of modern tools using advanced algorithms from the field of Artificial Intelligence, which are, for example a support for machine operators in the matter of making decisions about the way they operate, allowing the continuous improvement of the production process in the field of, among other things:

  • selecting the value of production process parameters,
  • maximization of selected KPIs in accordance with ISO 22400 standard,
  • forecasting the occurrence of a production process stoppage,
  • detecting the timing and probability of downtime.

Users of AI 4FACTORY who have opted for industrial implementation have reported, among other things, a twofold decrease in the number of machine failures and a significant increase in production efficiency, which has enabled the introduction of preventive measures to prevent unwanted machine stops.

The most common benefits for AI 4FACTORY users in the manufacturing sector:

  • supporting decision-making at different levels of the production process (including Managers in the area of relevance and effectiveness of optimization decisions);
  • increasing efficiency in machinery utilization and production rates;
  • predicting the occurrence of production process stoppages;
  • receiving recommendations to eliminate downtime;
  • extending the life cycle of machinery and tools, including by monitoring selected parameters and appropriate maintenance;
  • producing and collecting real-time data as a basis for optimizing production order execution planning (IoT Data Lake); 
  • building a data-driven organization (Data Factory);
  • automating the acquisition of knowledge from machine operators and its effective distribution within the organization.

Intelligent production management with AI 4FACTORY

Using the AI 4FACTORY family of products, you get years of consolidated business process experience from all of our consultants as well as our customers. Our best practices are included in flexible software, based on Artificial Intelligence, which can be configured and scaled to the needs of each factory. Thanks to ongoing cooperation with Polish scientists and the combination of their theoretical knowledge with practical and business experience, optimal, state-of-the-art scientific developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and AI/ML/EA evolutionary algorithms are implemented in the software. AI algorithms, through data analysis, gather tacit knowledge, both from the operators of individual machines and directly from the machines, on this basis provide additional value and production quality, which have a huge impact on building a competitive advantage.

Acting on the basis of a machine learning process, or case analysis, AI 4FACTORY achieves maximum production efficiency results, dramatically reducing analytical needs. Genetic algorithms, machine learning, machine monitoring using Artificial Intelligence – all this can now realistically suggest what `to do`, to make production processes more efficient, optimal and economical. The use of AI 4FACTORY –  Artificial Intelligence in industry, makes it possible to increase production efficiency and improve the company’s financial results.