Product configuration: CFG 4FACTORY

CFG 4FACTORY: a key tool for efficient product configuration

CFG 4FACTORY Configurator is an application that supports the process of creating technical documentation (material structure and technology) in ERP 4FACTORY systems. On the one hand, it is a tool for technical and production preparation teams to build rules and principles for creating new products and their documentation. On the other hand, it is a tool to support the work of the sales department by configuring the product by filling out a questionnaire dedicated to that product.

CFG 4FACTORY is the ability to configure products of any complexity, and it is also a powerful application designed to process custom-configured products.

Why CFG 4FACTORY is the right choice:

CFG 4FACTORY’s configurator is an application that allows you to quickly and correctly process your individual order, based on the product variants available in your model. It is a complete, integrated IT solution that supports the manufacture of products specifically configured to order.

During the operation of CFG 4FACTORY, a product structure (BOM) is automatically created in the system, a parameterized technology that is used during production. CFG 4FACTORY can be connected to an external ERP 4FACTRY system to download data, then as a result of the selection questionnaire, a new index of the customizable product is created along with its structure (BOM) and manufacturing technology, which is exported to the ERP 4FACTORY system along with the entire set of data.

CFG 4FACTORY supports for all manufacturing processes that minimizes the risk of making mistakes in the selection of incompatible components.

CFG 4FACTORY also makes it easier and faster to prepare quotations and offers dedicated to a customer’s custom orders.

The main functionalities of the CFG 4FACTORY system are:

  • Real-time generation of product variant structures and technologies;
  • Building the structure of mix and stand products;
  • Advanced calculation mechanisms;
  • Scalable solution for Factory 4.0;
  • Access to relevant additional services and easy integration with existing IT infrastructure.

The CFG 4FACTORY system makes it possible to expand the range of products offered by allowing customers or distributors to change the production variants of the products, while maintaining the consistency and reliability of the technical documentation and the processing of production orders at the existing level.

Key benefits when using CFG 4FACTORY solution:

  • Lower prices for products configured for customers;
  • Higher quality of technical documentation;
  • Faster delivery of customized products by reducing production preparation time;
  • Products tailored to customers’ needs;
  • Automatic calculation of sales price and production cost of product variants;
  • Easy integration with online sales platforms.

CFG 4FACTORY is a state-of-the-art application designed to effectively support a company’s operations in offering a wide range of products tailored to the needs of their customers. The system uses a web application platform, so it can be used with a standard browser. – Piotr Rojek, CEO, DSR S.A.