Clients opinion

“By implementing MES system, our managers have a complete overview on the production. One look is enough to find out which engine has failed, if it is at standstill and unplanned and how many devices are changeover, what orders are running on various machines and who is currently machinist.”

Radosław Kołacki, Merx

“Valmont stands out In the market through a flexible response to the needs and specific customer’s orders. Tracking the consequences of changes in the plan through simulations of orders , provides for us a key values of Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) APS. Already 2 months after the implementation of the solution, we obtained a clear picture of the changes and achieved its objectives in this area.”

Sebastian Borowik, Director of the plant, Valmont

“With the QAD Warehousing, Millano gained much more control and transparency of the store. The company’s management decided to delegate the warehouse to the Solid-Logistic company. The implementation of WMS system has allowed to realise this goal. Without the system operation of the outsourcing model would not be possible .”

Paweł Bacik, IT Manager, Millano

“Efficiency and experience of employees Solid Logistic during the implementation of the WMS enabled the effective realisation of inventory management, which in turn resulted in lower costs eliminated errors and sped up the process of material handling by warehouse workers. Industry experience of DSR consultants were invaluable for this project.
Head of Logistic at Solid-Logistics, which is responsible for the Millano’s storage”

Jarosław Dłużak, Head of Logistic at Solid-Logistics, which is responsible for the Millano’s storage

“Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) APS system integrates communication between all departments in the company. The results are flawless and timely production plans .”

Lassaad Tounsi, IT & Business System Manager, Sonoco Poland

“The planning process is implemented In the system of global planning In England. Data is entered into our QAD Enterprise Applications ERP system and from there exported. Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) APS puts the order in the most optimal way, taking into account the time-consuming, volume, technology, etc. that arises and proposes a plan, which the planning department hones in detail. When planners recognise that the proposal is correct, it is transmitted back to the base QAD system with Siemens Opcenter APS (d. Preactor) completing the scheduling.”

Bartlomiej Stryczek, IS Manager ,Twinings AB Food

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to DSR trainer, both for his excellent Global MMOG/LE training to Nexperia in Budapest, and also for his aftercare activities. DSR trainer is open and willing to help with uncertainties around MMOG/LE version 5, walking the extra mile to make an ex-client and potential future client satisfied. This is certainly better than what other training companies generally provide, therefore setting a benchmark. Keep up the good work and spirit!”

Zalan Kemeny, Senior Customer Programs Manager, Nexperia