(PMSA) Production Management Smart Advisor

Project goal: The main need of production companies is to constantly increase production efficiency, which directly translates into business profit. The effect of the project will be, innovative on an international scale, a tool for intelligent recommendation of changes in production processes in order to optimize them, using cognitive techniques. The new method of recommendation will allow a wide participation of employees in making decisions regarding the method of operation,allowing for continuous optimization of the production process. On the one hand, the developed tool will enable production employees (including machine operators) to make decisions related to their area of operation, and on the other hand, it will allow the management to verify, the adequacy and effectiveness of optimization decisions. An important element of the tool will be the possibility of forecasting machine stops together with an indication of the time and probability of their occurrence. This will allow preventive measures to be taken to prevent unwanted machine stops.This solution, fully cooperating with man, fits into the concept of Industry 5.0, in which man and machine work in full synergy.The solution will be focused on increasing efficiency in the areas of: product quality, use of machinery and production rate. The efficiency assessment will be carried out using key KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) in accordance with ISO22400. The new technology will allow the acquisition and aggregation of data from the area of production implementation,including those collected in MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance ManagementSystems) class systems in order to provide services in the form of launching intelligent recommendation tools in enterprises production in Poland and in the world.The project’s goals will be achieved as a result of industrial research, development works and pre-implementation works by the Applicant in cooperation with a subcontractor.

Project value: 3 266 151,57 PLN

Contribution of European Funds: 2 374 768,74 PLN