About DSR

DSR: Effective IT support for production

DSR is a supplier of project management, consultancy services and IT solutions that increase effectiveness of a company’s operations in the production sector. The company combines  in-depth knowledge of international companies with expert knowledge utilising  IT tools that support manufacturing and distribution processes. DSR ensures optimization and integration of internal processes which is necessary for companies to grow rapidly. The rapid growth is possible thanks, to specialized services and reliable software.

The DSR team creates competences centre that offers IT solutions for industry in Poland.  Currently , the company provides services for all areas of IT support for business, including applications to support the following areas of activity of the production companies :

  • Production planning and scheduling : APS 4FACTORY (based on Siemens Opcenter APS – previously Preactor APS)
  • Production registration: SFC 4FACTORY
  • Comprehensive management support: ERP 4FACTORY (based on QAD Enterprise Applications)
  • Improving decision-making processes: BI 4FACTORY (based on Qlik or Power BI)
  • Product management: PLM 4FACTORY (based on PLM ARAS Innovator)

DSR also provides consulting and training services necessary to support the use of business applications and offers comprehensive support and care in respect of their maintenance and expansion .

DSR works with the most dynamically developing organizations in the manufacturing sector, representing industries such as : food, chemical and pharmaceutical, automotive, metal products, electronic and electro-technical, consumer manufacturing and other.