Product management (PLM)

Product Management

Product Lifecycle Management – supports companies in the creation and development of products from concept, through design to production. PLM software allows companies to manage efficiently and economically the entire product lifecycle- from concept, through design and products to servicing and disposal. As a result, PLM follows the convergence of Computer-Aided design system, Computer-Aided manufacturing, Computer-Aided engineering, Product Data Management and digital production. PLM differs, however, from other enterprise solutions, because it focuses on obtaining maximum income from recurring processes. With its advanced function PLM software paves the way for innovation dominance in the industry and rapid development.

The benefits from the implementation of PLM system:

  • Maintaining a consistent base of information about a product,
  • Management of aspects of product design and production, including management of structural documentation
  • Optimization of processes, which allows the reduction of the costs of product design and marketing while increasing product quality  
  • Improving business strategies and marketing, through close collaboration during product design.
  • Optimizing contacts maintained throughout the product life cycle between different organizations
  • Maximizing the value of the life cycle of the product range of the company
  • Creating a single system for collecting information that will meet the diverse needs of the data
  • Maximizing the company’s ability to create new products and services
  • Supporting the creation of New ideas and tracking market needs,
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and formal requirements and safety requirement

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