Internationalization of the innovative Polish product brand – DSR 4FACTORY.

The project assumes the internationalization of the innovative Polish product brand DSR 4FACTORY, which is a package of modern IT tools and services, enabling production companies to reduce costs and increase productivity through the analysis and improvement of key performance indicators, e.g. OEE.

Project goal: increase in the competitiveness of DSR S.A. by expanding the export business. These activities will ensure an increase in revenues in DSR S.A. by acceleration the scale and scope of innovative company services on foreign markets and their promotion.

Planned effects:

  • development of the company’s exports;
  • increasing the share of revenues from the DSR 4FACTORY brand in total DSR export;
  • development of R & D activity through cooperation with new foreign partners, including in the field of commercialization and implementation of R & D projects;
  • broadening knowledge and gaining experience about new markets and trends in the IT industry;
  • development of new trade relations, including B2B
  • increase of marketing and sales activities of innovative IT services of DSR S.A.
  • increase in the level of internationalization of the company’s operations

Project value: 284 800,00 PLN
Contribution of European Funds: 213 600,00 PLN