19 September 2019

Today ended DLD Tel Aviv Festival in Israel, during which many startups from all over the world presented themselves. The event enjoyed great interest, attracted crowds of visitors who wanted to learn more about the latest technologies and innovative ICT solutions. This event was a great opportunity to meet other participants, representatives of companies with whom we can establish cooperation in the future.

The exhibition part was interspersed with various lectures and workshops, during which small, medium and large companies talked about their beginnings, business profile and solutions offered. The weather was good all the time, although for some it was far too hot. The rich programme of the festival was very well received by all the companies participating in the event.

Also DSR during these hot days in Israel had the opportunity to present a package of IT solutions for production – DSR 4FACTORY – which could be better known thanks to the prepared materials, including catalogues and films.

We are glad that we were able to present ourselves in an unknown area to us in terms of business, so that we could talk about IT solutions in Poland and Israel, get to know many interesting products and services from the industry and establish new business contacts.