Production registration (SFC)

Shop Floor Control: production registration

Using DSR’s unique Shop Floor Control system it is possible to record precise measurement of employee performance and the machines on production line. In the latest edition, the product has gained the ability to report work related to order design from an office environment.

Description of solution

The SFC system can be compared to other MES applications, i.e. supervising the execution of a production order or a project. The orders are subject to monitoring from the start of operation until the closure. The system collects information on a variety of KPI indicators, including OEE in order to allow the whole process to proceed correctly.  All collected information is stored in the database for later reporting. Data collected in the system give information about the progress of work on the individual orders, work efficiency of people, machines and equipment for a given order.

The main functionality of new version of SFC :

  • reporting production – flexible and fast process of reporting the progress of production orders .
  • automate data collection from production machines – systems allow reading the appropriate signals from machines, regarding their statutes ( work, breakdown, stop) and the volume of production and completed cycles.
  • quality control and parameters – fast and intuitive options for entering data into the SFC system regarding the quality of the product, process or machine.
  • data analysis –  automatic or semi-automatic data collection in SFC system allow to control processes for production in real time during the running of production orders.

The system is offered in a browser, providing the flexibility to use it on any mobile device used in the company. The application is adapted to a wide range of hardware platforms ranging from standard PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, touch panels and specialised data collection devices.  

– In the new version of SFC the main emphasis was to modernis  the system architecture. It has been designed so that users are not forced to use predefined hardware – emphasises Piotr Rojek, Managing Director – the software uses the web application platform, which makes it possible to run them through a standard web browser.

The software has also gained a new graphic user interface designed for possible use of touch panels and various screen sizes and equipment used in production plant or office. The changes improve the ergonomics of the system. The colour of the application and transfer of information was also modernised, including the ability to send and view messages made public by individual employees.

From production hall to office

In the latest version, Shop Floor Control was adapted not only to improve reporting capabilities of work orders, but also of the processes of design. The system can be used both on the shop floor, as well as in the office environment. A large group of people, which has an impact on the speed and accuracy of the process of biding and product design for a customer, has the option to conduct reliable reporting of time and the work progress for each project (product).

– With the SFC in a simple and fast way, we can settle the amount of produced product, verify the time spent on various types of failures and downtimes (people and machines) and also perform quality control of manufactured product   – adds Piotr Rojek.

The new version of a solution has a modular structure. Several modules are available in the system depending on the needs of customers and their preferences. Currently customers can benefit from the working time reporting module and the progress of orders and production orders biding/design modules.

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